Magnetic Activated Sperm Enrichment (MASE)

With Clemente Magnetic Activated Sperm Enrichment. High DNA fragmentation for in vitro spermatozoa is greatly reduced.

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B Safe for surfaces and floors

  • For glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather and wooden surfaces – All types of floors.
  • Non – toxic and non-irritant.
  • Suitable for asthmatic patients and children.
  • Very strong surfactant capabilities.
  • Rapid action against a wide range of Bacteria, Fungi & Encapsulated viruses
  • Extended duration of action.
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Sperm Sex Selection Micro-Beads

Increase your Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Probability Range for a specific gender

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B Safe Disinfectant for IVF Incubators

MEA and HSSA tested for IVF laboratory use

  • CO2 incubators, laminar flow hoods, glass, plastic, metals, equipment and ultra-sound probes
  • Non – toxic, odourless, colourless and VOC free
  • Rapid action against a wide range of Bacteria, Fungi & Encapsulated viruses
  • 4th Generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
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Sperm DNA fragmentation testing

Providing high accuracy output for Sperm Samples for DFI index. same price and more samples to test per KIT.

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Leucocytes screening reagent

The reagent is used for quantitative detection of leukocyte concentration in human semen, urine or blood specimens


•The only product contains the reagents of two components and it has less operation procedures  than the competitive products. It is convenient for clinical use.

•It is ready for use and easy to handle.

•The HRP control solution is used for quality control and guarantees precision of the results.

•1500 test per kit and meet the need of batch testing.

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